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What benefits can you receive through workers’ compensation?

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Most people who work for a living know that workers’ compensation protects them, but they often don’t know how. They just know that they can receive benefits if they get hurt.

Not understanding those benefits can lead to people failing to make a claim when they deserve benefits or thinking they qualify for benefits that they won’t likely receive. When you know what benefits are available through workers’ compensation in Illinois, it is easier for you to request the benefits that you deserve.

What kind of benefits can a worker claim if they get hurt on the job or develop a work-acquired medical condition?

Medical benefits 

Workers’ compensation helps protect injured workers from massive expenses due to a work injury. Even if someone already has their own medical insurance, they will usually need to claim workers’ compensation to pay for treatment of their injuries or illness.

The coverage includes 100% payment for all necessary medical treatment. Workers don’t have to meet a deductible or provide a copay to receive treatment. There will be no out-of-pocket expenses for their approved care.

Disability benefits

Needing medical care isn’t the only concern if you get hurt on the job, you may also have to adapt to a sudden loss of your household income. Workers who cannot work at all or who have to take lower-paying jobs because of their work required medical condition can receive disability benefits.

Both partial and total disability benefits are available on either a permanent or temporary basis. Currently, the maximum weekly benefit for total disability is $1,693.76, although the state will adjust that figure again early in 2022.

Death benefits

When a worker dies on the job, their family members can count on support afterward. Workers’ compensation will cover the medical treatment that the worker needed before they died. It can also help reimburse the family for reasonable funeral and burial costs. The family members can also receive a death benefit payment similar to what the worker might have received in disability benefits had they lived.

Vocational rehabilitation

In cases where a worker suffers an injury that will alter what jobs they can perform, vocational rehabilitation benefits can help them obtain new work skills.

Any of these benefits of a combination of them may be necessary due to a medical issue that results from your employment. Learning about the possible workers’ compensation benefits available can help you ask for the benefits you need.